Name: Doddridge Busingye

Born:  8th April 1990

Nationality: Ugandan

Graduated with a degree in Art and industrial design from Kyambogo University in 2015 and currently doing Masters Fine art at Makerere University.


Doddridge is a Painter, Sculptor. My artwork takes a critical view of socio-cultural issues and sometimes, my fantasies. I love how colors really have a life of their own, and the joy I find in watching them play together. In my work, I deconstruct the fantasies that are part of our youth and adult culture. Having engaged subjects as diverse as the gender matters, social life and architecture, my work reproduces familiar visual signs, arranging them into new conceptual expressions.

Often, these themes are combined into compositions that feature curvaceous female subjects. Although, it is sometimes inevitable to end up with non-figurative expressions that are merely a blend of colors spilled on canvas to express my fantasies. While I use uniform materials and processes in each project my methodology is not consistent. I am always experimenting with a variety of techniques and ways of application of paint on canvas; with pallet knives, brushes, hand and sometimes by just pouring and dripping color.

My influences are first and foremost everything I see, feel and experience, but I have always loved colorful and smart paintings particularly work by ‘Paul Gauguin’

Generally, my paintings are usually centered on social commentary (what I think of the day to day scenarios in society), although sometimes I involve some ideas based on fantasy ( How I whish/ imagine some things should have been like).

With a combination of these two perspectives in generating my ideas, I find it challenging to express them using ‘real-life’ figures (with appropriate figures in respect of proportions of anatomy and other principles); which most times leads me to abstraction and exaggeration of some shapes and other elements of my composition.

So in the end, I find myself breaking some rules of the aesthetics; that I am constantly aware of during figuration just in order to find a comfortable way of expressing myself.

In order to achieve certain textures, I use pallet knives and several sizes of brushes interchangeably and in this process, I end up with unintended but interesting features that I embrace and eventually incorporate as part of my techniques. The most recent is an achievement I got while layering colours of different strength that I find some background colors seen through the top layers. This gives my paintings a kind of glazed appearance that I find interesting.

I stopped using oils in 2014 and capitalized on acrylics in 2014, first for health reasons but later I also found more comfort in using Acrylic paint because it dries faster and allows me to carry-on with more layers since I paint fast. I usually prefer linen for my canvas to other fabrics because its porous weave holds well with the paint I use. I have found acrylic paint to easily peel of some canvases due to its plastic kind of dryness; which through experimentation, I have found it can’t peel off linen.

In conclusion, since I find myself using diverse approaches to express myself on canvas like bold pallet knife applications, random use of brush sizes and sometimes merely a spill of color, I define myself as a contemporary abstract expressionist.


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